Descriptive Noun. Pronounced Stowgy.
American Slang;
Stoagie was exported to Europe in 1965 by Roger Miller;
in a top-ten-singles song
called King of the Road.
Meaning = A Partly-Smoked Cigar, or Cigar Butt.
Sometimes Mis-Spelled by Europeans as Stoggy or Stoggie.
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I smoke old stoagies I have found,
Short, but not too big around,
by Cyril Squirrel April 02, 2007
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a cigarrette that you smoke
Im about to fire up this stoagie.
by Mark Hunt December 11, 2005
A cigarette.
Aye nigga,
let me bum a stoagie.
by goombafuckyou April 24, 2009
A pretty stupid way to spell "stogie."
"Man, what the heck is a 'stoagie?'"
"I dunno. Maybe he's just a stupid. Looks like he can't spell cigarette either."
by faits November 18, 2006

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