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1. noun. stimulants, esp. adderall or ritalin
2. verb. to ingest or insufflate stimulants
We blew a mountain of stiz last night. It was why I pissed in Emmy-award winning actor Mitchell Anthony Pileggi's room.
by kike g jones October 25, 2006
1. your girl or lady friend
2. a happening/event or place in time
1. Is Erica your stiz now?
2. Hey, let's hit a chill stiz tomorrow after practice.
by brandane June 28, 2007
This word is a combination of the phrase, "Yes it is".

It can be used wherever this phrase might apply.

In addition it can simply mean affirmative.

Question: This movie is awesome!

Answer: Stiz.


Question: Isn't this movie great!?

Answer: Stiz.
by MIDABI September 30, 2009
Being all up on someones face or grill
A yo playa, why you gots to be all up in my stiz son?
by JonnyC February 16, 2005
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