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18 definitions by JonnyC

What you say when you see something terrible. Examples include seeing "Fat chicks" And visually unpleaseant male and females. Usually followed by laughs.
Jason:I was down at the supermarket last week and I saw a fat chick whith her thong hanging out. Bill: "Good God"!! Jason: May the lord have mercy on your soul!
by JonnyC February 22, 2005
59 17
AkA Krunk juice. A 40oz. Cost 3$ and it gets the job done.
Old English, My crunk Juice
by JonnyC April 15, 2005
138 105
Usually a guy who does cheerleading. Most of the time thought of as a homo.
Look at that cheer queer, What a fucken pussy..
by JonnyC March 15, 2005
66 36
Self explanitory you dumb shits.
Frank: I got the beer munchies fellas, ill be back later.
by JonnyC March 15, 2005
45 28
Any milk or chocolate milk that is included in a free or reduced lunch at San marcos HIgh. But are always free to anyone who wants one.
John: Tyler lets go get some beaner milks. Tyler: Word.
by JonnyC March 15, 2005
28 24
To drink some 40's and shit.
Man it's friday night, and im not wasted, im gonna throw back some 40's
by JonnyC March 15, 2005
10 8
To leave from where ever you are at, whether it's at a party or just hanging out with friends.
Fred: Alright fellas, i've had enough drinking for tonight, I'm bouging out.
by JonnyC March 15, 2005
6 4