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When any professional athlete or team performs especially poorly on a particular night.
Man, the Lakers have to step it up in Game 5, especially after the stinker they put up in Game 4.
by livinitnluvinit November 07, 2009
A man who is charming, magnetic and often manipulative. Women's clothes fly off for a stinker and men will follow him into battle because he is just that cool. A stinker rarely gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but if he does, an intoxicating look or a clever remark gets him off scot free.
The guy's a stinker, but I'm addicted.

Vince Vaughn is king stinker.

I'm not falling for that shit you stinker!
by Malsuz October 28, 2009
Fart gas traps that hover around for a while - sometimes have an eerie green glow if it is really potent
Me: When I go shopping i like to leave stinkers around for people to walk into

Dave: Thats disgusting
by superfunhappyslide July 10, 2008
An ass or asshole. Also referring to anal.
Look at the girl's stinker. I fucked Marry in her stinker last night.
by maddog187 March 07, 2008
An endearing term used to describe a male.

Used to describe a very very lucky guy. A stinker can almost always be seen with a Genius cookie.
Their lives are usually really happy and fun as a result of their Genius cookie. A stinker usually meets a beautiful girl in winter/spring months. Stinkers are the happiest people in the world.
aww stinker, I love you so much
by Anonymous January 22, 2004
A cute girl with a nasty smell that is sexually arousing.
Upon inhaling the vaginal odor of that cute stinker, I grew towards orgasm.
by McNelson24or6to4 October 25, 2013
A fart that you cannot hear and you only know it's there because you can smell it.
Whose stinker is that?
by Judge dredd7 April 22, 2011