What sometimes closes the pool at Habbo Hotel. Proceeding, Steve Irwin's ghost comes in and screams, in order to warn the unaware Habbos, "CRIKEY!! POOL'S CLOSED DUE TO STINGRAYS!"
1. "CRIKEY! pool's closed due to stingrays!"
by Rental December 12, 2006
flat, ocianic bitch, sometimes equiped with spiny serrated tail. the cunt of the sea.
stingrays are whiny little cunt fish, ie: cunts of the sea.
by the ducinator September 12, 2006
During sex, you hit the back of the girl's head, flip her over, stab her eyes with a knife, ejaculate on her face, then fuck her dead body.
You probably won't see too much of Sara anymore because I was fucking her last night and I ended up giving her a stingray.
by Patch April 27, 2004
sex that hurts the chick so much, she has to stop and needs about 3 days to recover.
I thought u were gonna do it with ur girl friend to nite...

I did, but i gave her a sting ray

by the NINJA Cheesecake December 05, 2010
Given that stingrays have two soft flaps on either side and a hole in the middle, the word 'stingray' is a viable euphemism for the female genitalia, assuming that the flaps would correspond to the labia, and the hole would correspond to the vagina.

I first put this euphemism to use after my girlfriend and I went to the zoo. She went to the stingray-petting exhibit and I couldn't control my immature glee. Later, I masturbated her so that we could both change our Facebook statuses to inform the world of our love for petting stingrays.
1. Woman, I'll pet your stingray all night long.
by Sub30ms August 05, 2007
Member of the animal kingdom that gave the ultimate payback to Steve Irwin. The gators and snakes will forever owe it.
The sting ray stabbed Steve Irwin
by teabag September 07, 2006
bitch of a fish that killed the Steve Robert Irwin :( , I hope their species get extinct.
That stingray stuck his ass pin in Steve Robert Irwin's heart, what a dick.
by Bubba_The_Retard September 07, 2006

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