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some random shit you'd find on the bottom of your shoe or on the bottom of a desk at school.
"What the fuck, get this gunk off my shoe..."
by Rental December 12, 2006
What sometimes closes the pool at Habbo Hotel. Proceeding, Steve Irwin's ghost comes in and screams, in order to warn the unaware Habbos, "CRIKEY!! POOL'S CLOSED DUE TO STINGRAYS!"
1. "CRIKEY! pool's closed due to stingrays!"
by Rental December 12, 2006
When something happens to you, usually in a videogame or at work, that is SO stupid, yet has a large negative effect on your day.

Usually, getting gay'd makes other people laugh, but causes you strife.
1. A: "Omg, that guy just got PWND in the warthog!"
B: "Yeah, he drove off the cliff trying to avoid a teammate. Gay'd.

B: "Shut up, faggot. Getting gay'd is no laughing matter.
by Rental December 12, 2006
It's Butt AIDS. Try not to catch it, it hurts like fuck.
If you don't leave my sisters alone, Imma gonna give you BAIDS!!!
by Rental December 12, 2006
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