When the labia majora of a woman protrudes so far that it resembles the silhouette of a stingray hanging from a clothesline.
That bitch looked like a whole basketball team ravaged her twat leaving behind one nasty stingray.
by Griz77 July 05, 2010
The stinging in between your cheeks after pooping, as if you didn't wipe properly.
"Excuse me, I have to go wipe my sting ray"
by Scrangie May 09, 2007
Another name for a goon sack
Oi cunt! Pass us the stingray
by Shnella March 11, 2015
A sped up high-five where two people put their arms as far back as they can spin them and then they sling their arm around as fast as possible and slap the other persons hand. Usually done between two best friends.
Boy 1: Hey, Sting-Ray!

Boy 2: OKAY!


Boys: OW!!
by Kalniel Dilper November 14, 2011
The older, more hip brother to the rat-tail. When viewing someone with a stingray from behind, you will notice a V pattern of hair on the back of their head, which culminates at the base of the skull in a point.
I was tired of being made fun of for my rat-tail, so I turned it into a stingray. Now everyone accepts me for who I am.
by Badger. May 17, 2010
To excrete underwater. To shit at an inappropriate time.
That dirty hooker just Stingrayed in the hot tub. How are we going to clean that shit out?
by NoAllegiance November 16, 2009
To reside on the bottom of a competition scoreboard for lengthy periods of time, much like a stingray on the ocean floor. A term commonly used during Counter-Strike battles when a team mate has the worst kill/death ratio.
OMG Gomeagle you are such a stingray!

Dan you filthy ray get off the bottom!

Naze if you pull that boot any more you will start Stingraying!
by BORN2RAY December 01, 2008
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