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1. A commonly-uttered phrase by theater directors when urging actors to be brave and expressive during their auditions.

2. Turning out the lights so that you can stick your penis in a hole not previously discussed by you and your partner. (This innuendo was crafted by my friend and I when we felt like parodizing our director's excessive use of the phrase "bold choices".
1. I want to see plenty of bold choices at auditions tomorrow!

2. Last night, I turned out the lights and made some bold choices with my woman.
by Sub30ms September 14, 2007
A euphemism for having vaginal sex during the period, named for the pinkish mess created by the intermingling of blood and semen.
1. She was really horny during her period so we made a pink puddle.
by Sub30ms August 29, 2007
Given that stingrays have two soft flaps on either side and a hole in the middle, the word 'stingray' is a viable euphemism for the female genitalia, assuming that the flaps would correspond to the labia, and the hole would correspond to the vagina.

I first put this euphemism to use after my girlfriend and I went to the zoo. She went to the stingray-petting exhibit and I couldn't control my immature glee. Later, I masturbated her so that we could both change our Facebook statuses to inform the world of our love for petting stingrays.
1. Woman, I'll pet your stingray all night long.
by Sub30ms August 05, 2007

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