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n. The ability to stay with a project and see it through to completion.
When it comes to building sand castles, Gordon shows incredible sticktoitiveness!
by G.W. November 20, 2005
Firmness of purpose; resolution.

If you want to get your science project done on time, you'll have to show some stick-to-it-iveness

by Ryan Dawson April 19, 2006
Bogus word probably made up by and certainly overused by basketball announcers. It basically means persistance.
Robbie Hummel shows great sticktoitiveness when he's under the hoop.
by Valley Dogg February 04, 2010
The ability and determination to continue doing something despite difficulties. Attributed to either Thomas Edison or Albert McGeachy.
In a remarkable feat of sticktoitiveness, I finally managed to lose my virginity.
by *Sunshine* May 30, 2005
The ability to withstand the test of time, even to the point of coming back from apparent extinction.
Some words refuse to be relegated to linguistic history books -- like the Ivory Billed Woodpecker, they seem to ressurect after years of disuse, showing remarkable sticktoitiveness.
by Michele McT January 01, 2006
glue-like substance that adheres to whatever it touches.
When Ron Jeremy ejaculates, its because of his sticktoitiveness.
by doctor ruth January 01, 2006
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