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when its really hot out and you're wearing boxers, so your balls are sagging and your thighs are sweaty. this causes your balls to stick to the side of your leg, creating a very awkward situation that always need to be fixed.
Man #1: "Dude, why you keep awkwardly tugging at your balls?"

Man #2: "My balls are all sweaty. I've got some serious stickage"
#sweaty balls #sticky #crotch #boxers #hot #sticking #sweaty
by jbuck1012 June 11, 2009
When your Ballsack gets so sweaty that it sticks to the side of your leg
Just got back from a jog, and let me tell ya, I've got some major Stickage!!
#balls #sweat #sack #leg #stickage
by Lieveo July 14, 2010
The part or percentage of a liquid that remains stuck on the inside of a: container, bottle, plastic bag, cup that you can't get out without destroying what you are after.
It's impossible to get all the ketchup out of a ketchup bottle, there is always some stickage left there at the end, so you never get the full amount. The same with tomato sauce in jars, and liquid medicine - some always sticks to the bottom and sides.
#leftover #waste #packaging loss #infuriating remainder #stikage #stickige
by Veenotph November 28, 2011
the act of snow sticking to the frozen ground
-Is it snowing yet?!
-Yeah, but there isn't much stickage.
#stickage #snow #stick #melt #meltage
by Emma and Laurel Ann December 05, 2007
genius use of a glue stick, in order to glue paper to paper.
"mad stickage on that paper", "sick stickage!"
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