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It is a word case like adverb, however a Voun is when a noun is used as a verb.
Only a few Nouns can work as a Voun, some examples. To Cash: as in Did you cash the babysitter? (Did you pay the baby sitter?)
To Snack: as in Did you snack the kids (give the kids a snack), or I already snacked the kids. The blacksmith will Shoe the horse with a horse shoe.
by veenotph October 17, 2013
The part or percentage of a liquid that remains stuck on the inside of a: container, bottle, plastic bag, cup that you can't get out without destroying what you are after.
It's impossible to get all the ketchup out of a ketchup bottle, there is always some stickage left there at the end, so you never get the full amount. The same with tomato sauce in jars, and liquid medicine - some always sticks to the bottom and sides.
by Veenotph November 28, 2011

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