To stick with something until you perfect it.
When it comes to perfecting a tune, the stickability of the Mojo Brothers is second to none.
Top Definition
The ability to stick to a particulally hard job, trade or another type of thing.

Also see: persevere, sticktoittiveness

Also see phrase: Rough it out
This person has to have alot of stickability.

by Noodles McTavish January 19, 2009
The ability to hold on when losing during a sports fixture, and then pull through to gain agood result. first stated by Staurt Pearce, man city fc manager after fixture against everton
"We showed great stickability to stay in the game and get a goal back to get a draw." Stuart Pearce, Man city fc manager
by tom eyles September 30, 2006
The fantastic ability 'to stick' to a task or situation, which in accordance leads to a positive result.
Chris you showed great levels of 'stickability' to win that match.

Charlotte you were unsuccessful because of your lack of 'stickability'.
by Chris 'The Great' Gregg January 26, 2009
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