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Although many hate Leeds United non can deny that they are possibly one of the highest ranked teams in history, coming ninth overall in the Premier League Rankings since its conception (as of 2008/09 season). They have won the first division, now the Premier League, 3 times; won 6 cups in English League Football; won the Fairs Cup, now UEFA Cup, 3 times; were cheated out of the UEFA Champions League once; been crowned UEFA co-efficent Top Club 3 times.

In the 2008/09 season they were named as the club with the best home record in the United Kingdom, better than scum united (aka Manchester United (see also scum, wankers and fuck tards)), Liverpool and Chelsea.

Have often been cheated out of many things by the UEFA and FA (see your football knowledge for details), and have had no less than 10 players inducted into the National Hall Of Fame, more than 97% of British teams.

Have created songs that many associate with other teams now, for instance Leeds United fans came up with "Glory Glory Leeds United" before Manchester United and Tottenham used it too, and the song Marching On Together.

Also have been credited with the creation of the "We are the champions, champions of Europe" chant that many manchester united fans, amongst others, have seemed to have stolen now.

Absolutely the best supported team in the country, and no-one can argue with that. They still get a sold out 37,000 stadium in League One for a normal league game, which is more than most Premiership, European and Championship teams.

Anyone who says Leeds are shite can go fuck themselves because of simplistic lack of footballing knowledge, as facts above state. We may not have won as many trophies and league as man united, yet ask the question to yourself, if man united were in the League One division, would they still get a sold out stadium? The answer: would they fuck.
"Glory Glory Leeds United"

"We Are the Champions, Champions Of Europe" aka 'WACCOE'

"Marching On Together, we're gonna see you win naaaa nana na na na we are so proud, we shout it out loud we love you LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS!"

Leeds Fan: "Leeds are the best team in the world hands down"

Non-educated football fan: "No they arent!"

Leeds fan lays the facts on idiot

Non-educated football fan: "Oh... well they're still shit"

Leeds fan slaps idiot for being silly and gets on with life, unlike Millwall fans who would stab you to death.... then rape your mother.
by Azeer May 13, 2009
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