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The process of performing vaginal intercourse (ie the sticking) while simultaneously stimulating the clitoris with the saturn finger (ie the flicking).
I enjoy a good stick and flick in the morning.
by tmoneytrey March 05, 2011
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When your significant other wakes you up, fucks you good, then immediatley goes on his or her phone to check their social media and wants nothing to do with you. Usually followed by " Don't you have a place to be?" or "Don't you have a 9 O'clock appointment"?
Pete , she pulled the old stick and flick on me this morning. Boy was it a doozy.

Deaf Beth hit me with a stick and flick, she started muttering and signing to me about some place I had to be after she used my penis as a pleasure pole.
by vinny tarzone September 02, 2014

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