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Stuff (or Shit) that folds - A phrase used by marketing professionals to describe volumes of hard copy marketing collateral which is seen as a necessity by most sales people.
The sales toolkit included the usual corporate sales presentation and STF.
by 150274 July 22, 2009
An acronym for an expression of diappointment or disillusionment meaning, "So That's Fucked."
Usually in response to receiving news about something.
Female #1: "I was really starting to like that guy, but then I found out he was gay."
Female #2: " Dang-- STF!"
by Conundrums May 27, 2009
STF was started out in the suburbs of the 586 area in Michigan. Then grew and scattered around the 248 and 810 area. This group of friends all consist of the real straight edge lifestyle. they are always there for each other, no matter what, they have have each others backs. they beat you down for smoking or drinking. they don't provoke anything unless you'll give us a reason to. Each of them have our own beliefs, some believe in God, some claim to be God free. they are all about respect, and this is why they all get along, They are always going to be there for one another, forever.
stf is a gang
by johnny edge November 02, 2008
Stands for Shit Thats Funny. Replaces the older, tired phrase, lol.
Schaefnaa18: dude i kicked this kid in the balls today. he was crying and shit

Willmoney420: STF man
by Will $¢haef November 20, 2004
Shit The Fuck

To be really pissed off/ angry / annoyed at sumthing
Mitch: "StF"
Bill: "What?"
Mitch: "I Just kicked my toe on that Mutha F**KER step :@ !! "
by OC_73 July 12, 2006
It means "Shut the fuck up"
"STF, nigga!"
by Inpyo April 29, 2004