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Sa te fut
Romanian abbreviation for "fuck you"
STF noob! = Fuck you noob!
by Freemanel February 28, 2005
In pro wrestling, an STF is a move where you trap one of your opponent's legs with yours and pull their head back with your forearm. It stands for stepover toehold facelock.
"Masahiro Chono has that STF applied..."
by Sezril February 02, 2004
A special mission type in the online game Star Trek Online that people take waaaay too seriously and get themselves all worked up about.
'I get so p*ssed off with n00bs who fail the optional in STFs.'
by Deathflower September 24, 2012
Shut The Fuck

To shut the fuck.
<argv0> hey marlon i have the best story 4 u !
<marlon> stf.
by Jinx June 12, 2004
adjective meaning "straight to fridge"; used to describe that something is so good, if it was a child's drawing, it would go straight to the fridge.
Bob: Did you see that triple back-flip Gary did today?
Bill: Yeah. It was awesome.
Bob: Yeah. Totally STF.
by That Blake Kid December 11, 2009
Stuff (or Shit) that folds - A phrase used by marketing professionals to describe volumes of hard copy marketing collateral which is seen as a necessity by most sales people.
The sales toolkit included the usual corporate sales presentation and STF.
by 150274 July 22, 2009
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