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In professional wrestling, the wrestler Chris Benoit uses a type of crossface called the Crippler Crossface.
"Chris Benoit has sharp moves, including his snap suplex, his sharpshooter, and most of all, his Crippler Crossface,"
by Sezril February 02, 2004
The lead singer of the prog metal group "Dream Theater".
James LaBrie is Dream Theater's lead singer.
by Sezril February 21, 2004
A shortened version of the metal band "Children Of Bodom".
I bought a new COB shirt.
by Sezril February 21, 2004
In pro wrestling, an STF is a move where you trap one of your opponent's legs with yours and pull their head back with your forearm. It stands for stepover toehold facelock.
"Masahiro Chono has that STF applied..."
by Sezril February 02, 2004
Japanese for "Professional Wrestling", basically. The term puroresu is used when trying to decipher between Japanese and American pro wrestling.
Question - "What's your favorite puroresu federation?"

Answer - "I like New Japan Pro Wrestling".
by Sezril February 02, 2004
In pro wrestling, a spinebuster is a move that involves a wrestler picking up his opponent, spinning, then finally slamming them down onto their back, or spine.
"CW Anderson finishes with a spinebuster."
by Sezril February 02, 2004
In pro wrestling, Japanese wrestling star Susumu Yokosuka uses a lariat that he calls Jumbo no Kachi! The name came from the late 80's and early 90's, where the announcers would scream "JUMBO NO KACHI!", whehn translated means "VICTORY FOR JUMBO!" when the late Jumbo Tsurata won a match.
Susumu Yokosuka does his lariat..


Or after Jumbo Tsurata wins a pro wrestling match..

by Sezril February 02, 2004

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