The act of being crossfaded with the emphasis on the alcohol.
Have fan getting stewy as balls and shit.
by J-Slappin December 25, 2009
Top Definition
When somebody consumes enough alcohol to give them the courage to do almost anything
Sandra was butt ass naked acting all stewy last night
by Alien510 May 16, 2005
The act of getting stupid, dumb, and hyphy on the dancefloor or any location at hand.
Driving crazy and hitting donuts at all and any intersetions available to do so.
"nigga I was on the block gettin stewy on them bitches!"
"I was scrapin my shit on the block gettin stewy"
"yo that nigga was hella stewy up on the flo"
by Montzilla October 12, 2007
When having sex with someone in the doggy style position right before you cum pull his/her hair til there head almost touches there back,pull out and cum in your hand then slap the person in the face with a warm hand full of cum.
A Last night when i went over to beat ol' girl i had no where to cum so i gave her a stewy
by 67's B.B.C March 02, 2009
A word to describe a person when they get drunk or high on weed.
Man I got so Stewy at that party last night.

Hey you want to go get Stewy tonight?
by Drew12345 January 03, 2010
a large cheese eating rat,usually found in concrete or boat yards.
I hate going by the water at night because that's when all the stewys come out.
by lil January 06, 2004
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