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The musical genius of all musical geniuses....A musical GOD. Besides being unbelievably talented, he is a great person who truly cares about everyone/everything. I could never sum him up in words. He's too great. If you don't listen to him, get his music. You won't turn be able to turn back.
Listen to Stevie Wonder.....
Once you go Stevie, You never go back.
by J-dubbles December 15, 2004
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Stevie Wonder was born blind in the ghetto of Detroit. Great musician and made the song "We are the World" totally sweet.
Devon: Ever seen Stevie Wonder's wife?
Ryan: Ummm........ no, I haven't
Devon: Neither has he.
by Devon Lane! March 07, 2005
1.) nipples that have small bumps surrounding the center that resemble braille, which in turn reminds one of Stevie wonder.
1.) Dude, I was playin with my girls titties last night and she's got some stevie wonders!!!!
by Rodriigo August 22, 2005
a legendary musician, with bags of talent
y is stevie wonder always smilin'?
coz he doesnt no hes black
by renegade May 14, 2005
Basicly is god.
If god is love, and love is blind. Stevie Wonder must be god
by Mittens.... you know. January 28, 2009
when you find a chick who only likes to have sex in the dark, and you are forced to feel your way around her body.
"hey man, how was that hot red head you took home last night? did the carpet match the drapes?"

"i dunno man, i had to stevie wonder her ass."

"ahh, well, thats what hands are for."
by castrololo February 19, 2010
The head bob unknowingly performed by a person resisting falling asleep, normally caused by sever boredom. The head roll mimics the movements of the legendary musical performer.
Mike: Did you see Tim Stevie Wonder that lunch and learn?

Ryan: Yeah I can't believe he was able to fight off falling asleep for that long.
by jabronez July 26, 2010

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