when someone falls, bails or a beer pong shot is made from a lengthy distance, one may holler journeys singers name outloud to profess the accomplishment
Example 1:

Ronald: dude you'll never make that shot
Caleb: Stttttteeeeveee perry
(shoot the rock)

Example 2:
Bart: watch out for that curb
(hard fall)
Bart: Steve perry
by ronaldgnarbar March 24, 2009
Top Definition
Lead singer of the greatest band of all-time: Journey. He is an awesome vocalist/songwriter.
Kid A: "Steve Perry is the MAN!"
Kid B: "Hell yeah!"
by Ur Mom! February 21, 2006
Phrase used by Matt Stone and Trey Parker in the film 'Baseketball' as a psych-out in their newly made sport.
Matt: C'mom Squeak, throw the ball!
*Squeak prepares for his shot*
Trey: Steve Perry! Steve Perry!
Squeak: Gaaahhh!
*Air ball*
by benormous April 23, 2006
A sexually frustrated insecure loser going through a mid-life crisis who preys on young women in hopes to use viagra to sleep with them.
OMG. That 60 year old man totally pulled a Steve Perry on Stacy. What a douchebag!!!!
by Nancy1980 June 25, 2011

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