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a double jew. no one else can be more jewish than a steinberg.
steinberg is both Stein (as in Einstein) and a Berg (as in Rosenberg).
by ricardo777 June 09, 2005
The perfect person. A Steinberg is smart, beautiful/handsome, sweet, smart, funny, and knows how to have fun. Being around a Steinberg can lighten your day. If you dont know a Steinberg, then you are missing out.
Jason "I met an amazing person today"
Matt "A Steinberg?"
Jason "How'd you know?"
Matt "All amazing people are Steinbergs"
by Definingtheundefined October 15, 2011
saying you will go to an event but won't, get everyone in the group excited about a social gathering and you will be the only person not to show up, saying you are going to see everyone at the cafeteria for lunch and not show up, inviting everybody to suit up and you show up in jeans and t shirt
I can't believe he pulled a steinberg tonight.

The Captain said he would go to the meeting but he pulled a steinberg.
by TPainDizzle April 02, 2011
any kind of station wagon. Word is more specifically used to describe a mercury sable. This is a derogatory term because these cars are ugly as hell
" Dude, did you see that ugly ass car drive by?"

"yea man, it was a huge Steinberg!"
by pyoob35 January 07, 2011
Derogatory slang for someone who is cheap, as in referring to them being jewish.
Dave is such a Steinberg about things.
by j-led January 21, 2006
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