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A car produved by Mercury. It is widely considered to be the luxury version ofthe Ford Taurus. Equppied with a 3.0 liter engine the Sbale is capable of attaining speeds well into the 70's, perhaps even beyond. It is also capable of doing reverse donuts, and wooing the ladies.
Tim drives a mercury sable, so he gets all the hoes.
by bradsisavag June 12, 2007
Basically the same thing as a ford taurus. The only parts that actually say mercury are the grille, trunk, and steering wheel. It supposedly has more luxury options than the taurus.

Like the taurus, and many other ford vehicles, they are a sad excuse for a vehicle. When equipped with the right engine, the cars will last almost 150,000 miles. They are known for blowing headgaskets on the 3.8 liter engine, and almost every single one on the road has had some sort of transmission problem.

For this reason, there is a immense number of them in the junkyard, making finding parts easier. Not that you would want to fix one in the first place
Hey, I got a Mercury Sable for sale, $300 or best offer.

Nah, too rich for my blood, all its good for is scrap metal.
by Cheap ass July 29, 2012
A freaky, hideous-looking piece of shit that looks like a spider and drives like a snail. The newer Sables have been re-designed to look like something your 15-year-old son bought with spare change he found under your sofa.
The station wagon version of the Mercury Sable is truly the nail in the coffin.
by The D-Man December 09, 2006
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