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Life of the party, personality that takes over after 5 chuggars of beer, user of horribly cheesy lines, damn attractive; Drunkass dude.
Dude... I think you just turned into a Steev...

Is that Steev, or John talking?
by Steev March 26, 2003
About 6 feet tall with a generally lanky body. Being Aryan ofcourse, he has blonde hair and blue eyes with mixed blonde/brown gotte and facial hair. Recognized as Ron by some, and noted for his award winning smile. He has a cute little butt, and it is rumored each cheek is owned by two different people. A lover of Monty Python movies, Pantera and Sporio's class is gold. His sweatiness is both overwhelming and dangerous. So far 14 things have fallen out of his grasp due to sweatipalms and its affect of grip. More are most likely to occur within the next year. Beware!
Have at you Steev!
by The Infamous Mamone February 19, 2003
come from spelling to many words work....

if u start to be called steev watch out for post-it notes................

Steev your a turtle...
Steev will pwn your money...
Steev your fired!
by Steev "post-it man" July 02, 2004
Tall, somewhat lanky, of the Aryan race. Consumes way too much. Has Hyperhydrosis. Anal/Vaginal demons. Sara is girlfriend, her cell is falling apart.
STEEV!!!! Get your cute little butt over here! w00t w00t.
by steev February 18, 2003
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