Taking a huge dump right before entering the shower. The steam magnifies the stench and incapacitates all those who enter afterwards.
I fired off a steamer a few hours ago and when I came back to the bathroom, there were three people lying on the ground unconscious.
by persilly March 03, 2012
A sailor who works hard all day, then hits the beach and drinks until 2am. He then gets up at six am, and does it all over again.
A steamer sailor is a happy sailor.
by geinman February 02, 2013
short for "steaming pile", or "steaming pile of shit"; something worthless
Yikes, this essay you wrote is a real steamer.
by Ks1994 February 14, 2011
A word used in the Ayrshire region of Scotland to describe someone who "likes a drink"(Alcholic)

Often used by the NED population of Syrshire
that we ned is an awfi steamer
by Gillsy June 18, 2009
STEAM only usER - A member of the PC gaming fraternity who will only purchases games from the Steam gaming service. Steamers may also refuse to see any wrong doing committed by Steam or their parent company Valve and will defend them to the hilt even if they are in the wrong.
Gamer: Battlefield 3 isn't going to Steam
Steamer: No Steam = No sale
Gamer: Dude, it might be the game of the decade
Steamer: Steam is where i buy all my games, they have never done anything wrong, they're perfect.
Gamer: What about forcing us to use their service in the first place? what about releasing expansions as full price games? what about...
Steamer: STFU troll!!
by He Ge Zheng August 11, 2011
One that frequently collects IDs for Valve's Steam service, so that he/she may find more like minded gamers.
That guy has so many Steam friends. He's such a steamer.
by neat#2 August 20, 2011
What people from New England call soft shell clams. They are know by the name steamers because that is how they are best cooked. They are usually dipped in melted butter and sometimes garlic or wine sauce.
I just got some fresh steamers from the mud flats of Cape Cod. I will steam them up and some butter for a good dinner tonight.
by vballer21212 May 23, 2011

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