cunning and deceiving

-this is to ashleigh and emily:]
"hey, you want to hear a story?"
"Well, the other day I was at school, there are a lot of asians and gingers there..and i was stealthy and creeped up on this one asian, WHO WAS SITTING NEXT TO A GINGER!"
"Why..this is crazy!"
"I know right!? I was being cunning and deceiving!"
by asiansgingersblacksmexicans January 20, 2010
Top Definition
dane joella-like

the quality of being able to exit a room in a college dormitory without notice by emily smith.
dane stealthily exited room 422 while emily sat on sarah's bed.
to be sneaky and quiet.

synonyms include: wily, cat-like.
Lauren: let's put some grass in Kelly's hair!!!

Aimee: Okay, but we have to be stealthy.
(they sneak up quietly behind Kelly and put grass in her hair)

Kelly: why is there grass in my hair?!! Ohhhhh...... you two are very stealthy.
by Maudington July 07, 2009
a skateboarding term for cleanliness after a clean trick is landed.
making everyone silent after the trick is landed, hence, STEALTHY
Damn did you see Nile Gibbs land that stealthy ass nollie lazer flip
by PJ E. Ladd January 08, 2009
When your mate secretly naps and turns off all communications.
"Where's Ray? He's not answering his phone.. He must be doing stealthys"
by MrKman1 May 26, 2012
A euphamism for people with skin darker than your own. Yet another term developed in the Army, stealthy came into common usage in Iraq in 2007 as a way to circumvent the meddling of Equal Opportunity officers and NCOs. Stealthy stuck because it is both a military term and applicable to things that are darker.

See also singularity, dark matter, new moon, Warren Moon.
Margaret: John, did you see the new stealthies moving in across the street?
John: My bike!
Stealthy: *Brrinng Brrinng*
by scifiducky September 11, 2009
A fairly queer young male who is oft an annoyance to the masses. Known to frequent chatrooms and present himself as a female.
That guy 'stealthy' is a real creep.
by Justin Franczek December 01, 2006
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