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A secretly taken photograph
A: I finally took a pic of my girl! Here Shows pic
B: Why she lookin' away?
A: It's a stealthie! She don't know I took that
by StealthNinja February 15, 2015
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a selfie taken for the purpose of photographing whatever is behind you
"I saw that chick from Pretty Little Liars in Starbucks! Check out this stealthie I got of her being snippy with the barista."
by actionjacksonlovesbbq November 20, 2013
stell-thee Stealthy + Selfie. The quick, secretive selfie you take on your friend's phone while they aren't looking.
Quick, let's take a stealthie on his phone while he's over there getting his food out of the microwave!
by splitenz January 19, 2015
A picture taken by someone, usually a girl, that is clearly a selfie but contains a cute animal or object of interest in order to curb the backlash of it being a selfie.
John: "Hey Pete, did you see Amy's new puppy? Looks pretty cute."

Pete: "You sure that's the only thing that was cute? Dude it was totally a stealthie! Typical Amy."
by Talmok February 04, 2014

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