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this word is an adjective...(which means it discribes the way a person does something)
stealth: a way to aquire something by sneaking around
a useful way to steal
Tom skulks around stealthily in order to steal the cookies
by Sammy K. July 05, 2006
used to mean sneaky
often used on the O.C. by seth
Ryan: I didn't tell her anything. I think the black turtleneck in August tipped her off.
Seth: Okay, I was going for stealth plus it's slimming
by todd08 January 08, 2005
A behavior in the transsexual community where a fully transitioned person lives completely as their new gender and does not reveal that they are transsexual.

A transsexual person may 'go stealth' in order to avoid transphobia and bigotry, or simply because they wish to be seen as simply male or female and not transsexual.
Jason is stealth. No one knows he wasn't born male.
by MaceLee September 05, 2007
being amazingly slick or smooth
Megan is so stealth because of the way she came up and scared Todd today.
by megs2270 October 22, 2007
remarkable, exquisite, glorious, awesome, smooth, bodacious, fine, tremendous, pulchritudinous
"WOW - you are looking stealth. I'd love a piece!"

"That route was stealth - glorious moves!"

"You've been stealthed!"


by gerryc May 06, 2012
Hooking up with a girl without telling anybody, even your closest friends. When a male has the desire to hook up with a girl that his boys may find undesirable or off limits for any reason, a male may enact a stealth in which he will hook up with said girl and not tell anybody. This way he gets the satisfaction of getting with the girl while not getting shit from his friends. It is especially useful when getting with underclassmen.

However, the secret is usually exposed within initial weeks of the first hook up. When this occurs, it is called a counter UAV, made popular by the video game series, Call of Duty.
(Senior boy): Man, I would totally stealth so many of those freshman...

(Senior boys)Jake: Yo, you heard Danny got caught stealthing a sophomore last weekend? It had apparently been going on for 2 weeks.
Brett: Damn, he got counter UAVed like a mother fucker.
by PookdaSpook December 13, 2010
to surprise someone or sneak up on them. can be intentional or unintentional. to fly undetected on the radar.
Be careful if you stealth someone, they may be talking about you.
by byrdwag July 12, 2007
the act of secretly taking a condom off during intercourse.

works with gays more commonly, the act of barebacking a bottom who requests safe sex.
she asked me to put on a condom so i did, then i had her face down, so i snuck it off and stealthed a load in her.
by love2bb May 01, 2010