A man that you simply cannot tell if he is gay or not. You dont ask him, but rather inquire with his friends or in this case bring in some girls to dig the dirt. No one knows
Travis: You worked with the new guy yet ?

Ryan: Naw man, is he a flame ?

Travis: Im not sure, Hes a stealth cause I cant pick him up on my gaydar.
by meusimperium August 15, 2010
To rape virgins
Timmy got so stealth last night...that girl Vicky was screaming like a wild cat.

Contrary to popular belief, the act of "stealthing" is not suave. In fact, it will probably wind you up in jail.
by Disc Jockey Jones November 09, 2008
to stealth (verb)
To steal, to borrow.
(to borrow)
friend: "Mate I hope you don't mind I stealthed your answers to the homework"

(to steal)
you: "I can't find my phone. Did someone stealth it?"
by BoiledLollies April 28, 2008
The Stealth R/T Turbo model is equipped with a 6-speed Getrag manual transmission, and a 3.0-liter DOHC twin turbocharged V6 engine with 320 horsepower.
Domestic guy - " Dam! that DSM just smoked my ass and im running spray in my Fbody..what a quick sonovabitch "
by Travis January 18, 2005
sweet, awesome, kick ass
"That was a stealth roll dude."
"That was a stealh pick up dude."
by Dan Blue October 02, 2003
verb. To sneak around quietly and sneaky-like.
Me: I will stealth like a ninja!
by Izzabehr December 06, 2004
this word is an adjective...(which means it discribes the way a person does something)
stealth: a way to aquire something by sneaking around
a useful way to steal
Tom skulks around stealthily in order to steal the cookies
by Sammy K. July 05, 2006
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