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When you do not list your relationship status on facebook, myspace or any other social networking web site.
Anna: So what is your relationship status?

Benjamin: I am status-less.
by akgcode March 06, 2010
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To be used in reference with Facebook, "statusless" is to be thought of in a similar context to speechless.
This is particularly relevant in reference to a serial status-updater - you know there is something HUGE happening if they will log in to update you on the most insignificant information otherwise.
Katy: "Wow, what's going on Jayde? You always have something to say in your status updates?"

Jayde: "Yeah I know, I know... Actually there HAS been something rather huge happen, but it's kind of left me statusless as I can't find the words to say what I mean in a status update!"
by KatyKaty180 April 20, 2010
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