A term for a Facebook Whore.
Liking, commenting or tagging people in so much on statuses, that you give up a conversation or you're just bored and get off.
Person A: I hope you're done commenting
Person B: I'm statusfied now
by Presto_Manifesto December 24, 2010
Top Definition
a term or phrase, quoted from others or yourself, used as a status shown to friends on a social networking site, such as Facebook.
Luke: yeah, its like a nerd's sport

Lee wonders why watching downloads is so fun, "its like a nerd's sport" - Luke

by NinjaSpawn94 June 15, 2009
An overwhelming feeling of happiness associated with the perfect post on FaceBook.
I am STATUSfied with my current post on FaceBook!
by jbwritergirl March 26, 2014
Flipping through your friends status updates and being happy at the great mix of new videos, links, and other blips of information from the collective friendbrain
“I was totally statusfied with the plethora of Charlie Sheen quotes I learned today from cruising the Facebook news feed.”
by Amalia Lylian March 07, 2011
A Facebook user that has a status filled out is statusfied.
John Smith's status on Facebook is "John is taking a nap." John Smith is statusfied.
by Jacob Gallant April 18, 2008
When you catch up with the Joneses.

When you are finally happy with your status in life.
Man, I was feeling a little insecure until I bought that new Lexus - now I am completely statusfied.
by DCDevo July 31, 2009
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