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When you don't show up to school or work and all you do is play Xbox all day
Person A: Hey, where's Bobby?
Person B: He has Xbox Fever.
Person A: What are the symptoms?
Person B: Call of Duty.
by Presto_Manifesto December 07, 2010
The people in Jahova's Witness who walk around all day and ride their bikes trying to get people into their religion/exercise program.
Person A: Who are those people walking around in suits?
Person B: Oh thats Jahova's Fitness.
by Presto_Manifesto April 20, 2011
A term for a Facebook Whore.
Liking, commenting or tagging people in so much on statuses, that you give up a conversation or you're just bored and get off.
Person A: I hope you're done commenting
Person B: I'm statusfied now
by Presto_Manifesto December 24, 2010

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