To get humiliated or boyed by someone. To be cussed by someone in front of lots of people.
Awww man jus got stashed.

Woahh boy just recieved a stashing.

Dont stash me man.
by Aliceeee ** September 12, 2008
Top Definition
when something is hidden from view of everyone else appart from the people in the gang ect.
usually in a bust ect.
jack: sik m8 i just stashed some booze for when we go camping
bill: sik m8, i bought some fireworks aswell, lets stash them so the dibble don't find them
by siked November 04, 2007
to put somthing away and then use it later.
like stash but to stash somthing in past tense
jack: i stashed some booze for when we go out camping
bill: sik one m8 dats pretty ill lol dat booze got well stashed
by siked November 05, 2007
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