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A video game that is basically South Korea's national sport
Guy: what sports do you like?

korean guy: Starcraft
by gogomymagicpup August 17, 2007
214 52
The national sport of South Korea.
A sci-fi RTS based around a 3-way war between the Terrans, the Protoss, and the Zerg. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, it was released in 1998 and experienced phenomenal critical and commercial success.
Despite being 11 years old it is still extremely popular and widely hailed as the best RTS - if not the best game - ever made.
Soon to be surpassed by the upcoming Starcraft 2
Starcraft rocks!
by molecule802.11 April 05, 2009
117 25
A time of day. Can be anywhere between 7 PM and 3 AM.
Cody: "Say, Dan, will you be online at say.... starcraft?"
by Kells March 03, 2005
211 135
An extremely awesome RTS.
Highly addictive.
But everyone gets pwned by Koreans who play ProLeague StarCraft and get paid $200,000 a year to play.
They are too cool!!!!!! XD
guy1: <makes StarCraft game, NOOBS ONLY>
guy2: can i play
guy1: you're not a n00b!!!!
guy2: i'm a n00b
guy1: no you're not. check out MY crap stats.
guy2: I'm Korean.
by i-wish-i-was-korean November 01, 2007
67 15
A real time strategy computer game developed by Blizzard entertainment. Set in the future, three species fight for galactic dominance. The game has enjoyed large popularity for many years, especially in Korea.
The Protoss are my favorite species to play in Starcraft.
by protossinator October 28, 2007
52 9
A common misspelling of starcraft.
There is no space in starcraft. Star craft is incorrect.
by m2pt5 January 24, 2003
51 12
A computer game you play before you die.
I played starcraft to much and I died but my account name "nigball" has a ratio of 100000000/0.
by Nigball April 23, 2005
128 90