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The national anthem of Christina Agulera, which she cannot sing. Why? She forgot a whole line at THE SUPER BOWL! LOLOL.
I don't know what was worse: Forgetting your own country's national anthem, or Justin Bieber running into a revolving door.

See Star Spangled Banner fail for more
by Bieber Blows February 24, 2011
2 5
the modern star spangled banner
Oh say can you fucking see
The missiles fall like rain
Bloody mountains majesty
Dead bodies on the plain
By the bombing's eerie light
See the crimsons waves of red
What so proudly they all fell
The twilight of the dead
by Gunboy July 11, 2004
33 47
excellent toilet paper
After a mighty dump I wipe my ring with the star spangles banner
by Michael Atherton August 25, 2003
34 63