Verb: to fill an area with nastyness through means of a rancid fart
I had to get outta there, I stank assed the bathroom so bad the paint was starting to peel.
by pfleeger2010 March 27, 2011
Top Definition
Filthy odor from one's being or body
Get on with yo stank ass!
by g-man September 23, 2003
one who smells like ass
jack was a stankass after football practice
by your daddy October 16, 2003
Stank: The quality of being whorish and/or trashy or the appearance of bearing said quality.

Ass: Term for donkey, the butt, or individual who is mean for no reason.

Put it together and you get someone from Shittsburgh.
Shittsburgh (Pittsburgh) is a stank ass city that spends millions of federal tax dollars on internet advertisements so everyone thinks it is a nice place, when anyone from the outside knows it is not.
by Only*The*Truth April 09, 2013
a person who thinks that they are clean but actually stinks like shit.
Jeff is such a stank-ass

shut up you stank-ass

go wash your stank-ass you stank-ass
by bradar February 27, 2009
A girl (or guy) who runs around with everyone and thinks they're hot shit, when realistically they're just someone who's hit it with everyone and their brother. In summary, your everyday whore.
Girl 1 Man, look at her stank ass!
Girl 2 I heard she got over on another one. Glad it wouldn't me!
by MoscatoLove February 07, 2015
hoes with no mother fuckin' purpose they jus wanna fuck a nigga and go on kinda like crack feens dat fuck ya jus ta get some rock dey fuck cuz dey hoes dat love rappers
yo maaaaaaaan i aint had none in weeks lets go get some stank asses
by Yung20 September 24, 2006
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