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South side gangs that wear green but have no gang hand signs only graffiti and slurs but in every gorilla gang there is a yung20 the leader is 12-15 while other gang members are older even to the age of 30.
yo man we cant go on dat street da gorillas hang there.
by Yung20 September 24, 2006
a nigga dats young but his mind is of one of a 20 year old or older he is poetic and has a i dont give a fuck attitude but keeps his mind on his money and grind he is a rapper from new york and any where south of there.
dat young nigga is a fuckin yung20
by Yung20 September 23, 2006
hoes with no mother fuckin' purpose they jus wanna fuck a nigga and go on kinda like crack feens dat fuck ya jus ta get some rock dey fuck cuz dey hoes dat love rappers
yo maaaaaaaan i aint had none in weeks lets go get some stank asses
by Yung20 September 24, 2006

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