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One of the GREATEST movies ever made!!
Teddy: 'You guys can go around if you want to. I'm crossing here. And while you guys are dragging your candy asses halfway across the state and back, I'll be waiting for you on the other side, relaxing with my thoughts'
Gordy: 'Do you use your left hand or your right hand for that?'
Teddy: 'You wish.'
by Princess MinXy $$ August 08, 2005
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A film directed by Rob Reiner in 1986. Based on the novella, "The Body" by Stephen King.

A coming of age story about a group of boys who find a dead body in the woods.

Starring; Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, Jerry O'Connell, and Kiefer Sutherland.
"'Stand By Me' is, seriously, one of the best films ever made".
by Bitchard August 07, 2004
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