The marks left on a man's forehead from another man's wet cockhead.
After James finished performing oral sex on Jason, Jason gave James several stamps.
by Websters66 February 06, 2007
To leave abruptly; to scatter or disperse.
Stamp Out
John: Ayye son. I Heard dis party bout to be live.
Le'roy: Yeah man. But make aure you bring ya strap cause I heard MS-13 gone be there.
John: Oh fuck nah. If shits starts to pop off and Five-O come through I'm gone stamp out da party.
Le'roy: I'm hip man.
by 👌GUAP💲MAJOR👍 November 09, 2013
When your arguing with somone, or calling somthing, You call stamps to insure your rightousnous or the fact that your right or you called the thing first. This can be countered by double stamps, triple stamps, or quadruple stamps but you cant usualy go beyond that because you dont know what you say for numbers beyond four.
If you call stamps you cant call the next stamps until the other person has said somthing. In other words you can double stamp triple stamp because thats illeagle.
1:I call first dibs.
2:...No I want it...
1. STAMPS!!!
1. ahh well, ahhh screw it i dont know what comes next.
by Garrett March 15, 2005
Stamping is the act of ejaculating semen on the top right-hand corner of your partner's face. It gains the name 'the stamp' because when placing a stamp on an envelope it is placed on the top right hand corner. This taboo cumshot is favoured mainly by postal workers, kevin spacey and raging goodcunts.
"Becky was begging to get to stamped last night after getting a vicious anal session"
by G.M-B. October 24, 2013
St amp: Is slang for the use of the drug "amphetamines" aka Speed. Because while on it they say you go into a trance of feeling like another being that's the reasoning behind St (saint).
by rockstar4781 May 09, 2013
a tattoo
He regretted getting a stamp just for the thrill of it.
by The Return of Light Joker July 20, 2011
the marks on the body left when a girl presses her wet coochie onto it, usually after sex
"baby, want some stamps?"
"it's 2am. What do I need to mail right now?"
*presses coochie onto leg several times*
by Kristin December 20, 2005

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