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To viciously finger a woman with excessive force and speed.
I just witnessed Brad stam his girlfriend. It was terrifying.
by LDogg January 31, 2004
42 31
To remove from play, through person to person contact, one of your own teamates.
Debo stammed Chris so hard he cut his chin open.
by Mougli June 04, 2007
12 6
a well endowd person with tiny physical build and little social ability.
DUDE! that kid is so little he must be packing a stam.
by Stam Survivor August 15, 2009
11 6
1. Seriously Tense and Awkward Moment; a situation whereupon the parties involved grew silent because of extreme awkwardness or tenseness; usually brought on by an out of place statement by one of the parties.
Person 1: "Look at that girl over there. I'd slam her like there's no tomorrow"
Person 2: "Jesus, look at her rack!"
Person 3: "That's my sister"
Person 1: "Well this is quite a stam"
by Ryan Miller and Eric Nelson November 13, 2005
10 6
To hit something with extreme force
Quick, Stam him!
by Dan Howlett May 07, 2004
9 8
To have an oversized head, yet still be brutally handsome!
To have an overwhelming erge to look at other players in the showers.
That bloke's a paoper Stam!
by Dan Howlett May 07, 2004
2 13