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Stallis is a lifestyle. Can be used as a verb, an adjective, or a proper noun. Also reference to a Stallion, one who is born and raised in Stallis. Most Stallions are lifers and thus can be found crusing the high school parking lots when class gets out to pick up underage Stallions. Can be used to add emphasis to terms such as mullet, highway 100, Johnny V's, State Fair, park and ride, and Western Days.
Verb: "He Stallised through school, but at least he was an athlete. But now he's a lifer."
Adjective: "His Stallis mullet makes me swoon."
Noun: "I'm from Stallis, but I'm a little classier, I went to Hale."
by StallionforLife March 10, 2005
Stallis is the common name for the city of West Allis. It is a suburb west of Milwaukee. Stallis residents, or Stallions can be found participating in many different activities which include: drinking natty light or busch light in their garage, watching nascar, working at Citgo, or involved in a domestic dispute. Male stallions can be identified by their disheveled appearance, soft pack of Kool cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve of their plain white t-shirt, presence in a garage during all hours of the day, and well-worn knuckles used for spousal abuse. Female stallions can be identified by their curly, 80's style hair-dos (with or without bangs, generally with), poor speaking, disdain or ambivalence to education equal to or greater than that of male stallions, and general lack of redeeming qualities. A stallion female will JUMP at the chance to marry any male who has either a) no children, or b)a high school education. Male stallions who meet both criteria are considered unattainable by the average Stallion female. All Stallions are given a free 1993 Pontiac Grand Am or 1995 green Dodge Neon upon moving to the city.
Stallion #1: "Hey Ron, when you gonna put them rims on that sweet Grand Am you got? You gotta stallis that up!"
Stallion #2: "Just as soon as Debbie gets back from the grocery store with dat natty light I sent her out for."
Stallion #1: "Natty light? You springing for the good stuff today huh?"
Stallion #2: "You know it ol' boy. And my ol' woman best be home soon, lest she wants that black eye to have a twin."
by Paul wheelwasher April 16, 2008
A city in Wisconsin that actually is West Allis but people call it Stallis because they are too lazy to pronounce the whole thing. One of three cities that the infamous Highway 100gos through.
The cops are bitches in Stallis
by Jeffious April 23, 2004
This is a term for the city of West Allis or Stalli-ville. Some identify it with White Trash Fest (Western Days at State Fair Park) while others with its infamous highway 100 where cruisers come from all over to pick up randoms. The rest of us define it was a way of life. We either want to stick it out to see what drama will be created or run away as far as possible.
Stallis: Home of the Mullet, Lycra pants, and Miller drinking beer-bellies!
by Rae*Cinco March 18, 2005
a dumb town, where highschool sweethearts stay together, and end up buying their parents house's from them so they can have more kids to repeat the life cycle....There's nothing to do in stallis...except to get food from fast food places or be "cool" and cruise highway 100
I grew up in stallis
by Aimee April 23, 2005
Dirrty dirrty stallis.. home of the wildest parties and the non stop drama. we dominate laguna beach ANYDAY!
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by .l. December 23, 2004
A suburb in the most boring state, Wisconsin, also known as West Allis where the people are wild and the parties are even wilder. There is a 75% chance of a party being broken up by the cops. Also referred to as Dirty Stallis
"This party sucks, I'm going over to Stallis where the real s*** happens"
by Dray Bomb January 30, 2005