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A city also referred to as "white allis", the "dirty S", and "Dstall". Composed of a dead industrial center, the cities economy now runs on strip malls and fast food. The most common employment is 1)fast food worker 2)hopeful firefighter/cop 3)mechanic. This leads to chronic drinking, depression, and eventually cruising.
"so what are you doing after highschool?" Stallis resident,"Oh I'm looking into working 40 hour weeks at Quiznos so i can put black lights on my neon."
by Jonathan Miller December 20, 2004
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West Allis, The West Side of Milwaukee, we all know it along with others who know us... Stallis
A place where good friends stay good friends before and after all the drama, where intoxication and hanging out precedes and ensues through the weekend and into the week as it continuously brings the state of WI to the #1 binge drinking spot, where good outside playing occurs (ex. Cops and Robbers and Ghost in the Graveyard), where kids learn drugs not from stupid books or DARE officers but from their own experimentation.
When a Stallion is asked how growing up was we can all agree upon "Stallis good" which is not that bad!
After high school graduation you either go to a UW school or no where at all because in Stallis, you don't need that sh*t
We're famous for the biggest State Fair in the Country and for being right next to the all the best Miller products!

noun, adj. ya know whatever ya want it to be... it's Stallis
dude 1: Where are you from?
dude 2: West Allis
dude 1: OOooooooooooooooo STALLIS

(to a kid burning one right outside Hale's door) "Dude, that's so Stallis."
by missy N. September 18, 2005
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Town in Wisconsin originally called West Allis. Known for its state fair, lame highway 100 cruisers, endless fast food restaurants, and class. People who live in “Stallis” usually attend West Allis Central or Hale, both fine establishments to aspire to graduate from although Hale is regarded as a “classier” school. Most residents are lifers, usually getting some factory job and raising their kids in good old Stallis just like their parents before them. There are mandatory things you MUST do in order to be a resident of Stallis:
1) Cruise Highway 100 the moment you get your learners permit
2) Attend Central or Hale
3) Attend State Fair & Western Day’s yearly
4) Hang out at South ridge mall when school let’s out
5) Binge Drink by middle school
6) Wal-Mart is your life
7) Frequent fast food restraints such as Johnny V’s, Oscars, George Webb’s, etc…
8) Drive past the fat women that is always on the pay phone, if your from Stallis you know what I mean
9) Attend high school football games with your school jacket even though your an unmarried 35 year old and get more pumped up then the kids who are actually playing
10) Fuck the establishment because your from Stallis and you don’t care what everyone else thinks
person 1) I''m bored what do you wanna do?

person 2) Well we can either cruise highway, or chill at Johnny V's

person 1)Your so Stallis
by stallisresident August 05, 2009
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Located on the far went side of Milwaukee Wisconsin is a city by the name of West Allis. Formed in 1906, West Allis is the 7th largest city in Wisconsin and the mayor’s name is Jeannette Bell. West Allis has two huge high schools, West Allis Central and Went Allis Hale. West Allis is a great place to live if you are young, starting a family, or getting ready to retire. No uppity pricks in this city though. Most people think of West Allis as “white trash”. In all truth we just keep it real. We work hard and we play hard. Kids from the age of 16 to 18 will cruise HWY 100, from age 21 and up you can find many places to get your drink on at, such as Stacy’s, Magoos, Ben’Os, Club Paragon, Las Pamas and The Dirty Martini are some of the more known places. Any whore form “Stallis” is known as a “stoe” (Stallis hoe). If you are form Stallis you get offended real easy by anyone who calls your city anything but West Allis or Stallis. We take pride in being born and raised here so we don’t take shit from anyone trying to put us down. Many people respect some of the smaller celebrities from this city. There is the Prince of Stallis Neal Steffek who has spent his 31 years in the city drinking at almost every bar. Jeffery Dahmers parents lived in Stallis. Olympic speed skaters Dan Jansen and Chis Whitty are also from Stallis. West Allis is also the home of the largest Professional Wrestling company in Wisconsin, Mid-American Wrestling. The events used to be held at the Knights of Columbus on 92nd but had to move in part of politics in Stallis.
person1) Where did you get that black eye?
person2) I got in a bar fight in Stallis.
person1) Figures.
by Milwaukee's Best June 29, 2006
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Short for the City of West Allis, also commonly called Dirty Stallie. Place where Johnny V's, never forgotten high school football memories, small dive corner bars, and unlimited fast food reign.
Commonly high school sweethearts stay together in fear of the outside world. Lifers are quite common. State fair park and ride to Summerfest is almost an event for a lifer. The Polish style Bungalow with the occasional duplex is lining almost every street along with the stench of lost hopes and dreams for these folk.
Person 1 :"Yeah man, I'm from stallis! Person 2: Ouch!
Person 1: "Lets go to Johnny V's after we hit up heartbreakers and MaGoos"
Person 2: I'd rather not!"
Person 1:
by staree April 08, 2005
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Stallis is a lifestyle. Can be used as a verb, an adjective, or a proper noun. Also reference to a Stallion, one who is born and raised in Stallis. Most Stallions are lifers and thus can be found crusing the high school parking lots when class gets out to pick up underage Stallions. Can be used to add emphasis to terms such as mullet, highway 100, Johnny V's, State Fair, park and ride, and Western Days.
Verb: "He Stallised through school, but at least he was an athlete. But now he's a lifer."
Adjective: "His Stallis mullet makes me swoon."
Noun: "I'm from Stallis, but I'm a little classier, I went to Hale."
by StallionforLife March 10, 2005
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A city in Wisconsin that actually is West Allis but people call it Stallis because they are too lazy to pronounce the whole thing. One of three cities that the infamous Highway 100gos through.
The cops are bitches in Stallis
by Jeffious April 23, 2004
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