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Town in Wisconsin originally called West Allis. Known for its state fair, lame highway 100 cruisers, endless fast food restaurants, and class. People who live in “Stallis” usually attend West Allis Central or Hale, both fine establishments to aspire to graduate from although Hale is regarded as a “classier” school. Most residents are lifers, usually getting some factory job and raising their kids in good old Stallis just like their parents before them. There are mandatory things you MUST do in order to be a resident of Stallis:
1) Cruise Highway 100 the moment you get your learners permit
2) Attend Central or Hale
3) Attend State Fair & Western Day’s yearly
4) Hang out at South ridge mall when school let’s out
5) Binge Drink by middle school
6) Wal-Mart is your life
7) Frequent fast food restraints such as Johnny V’s, Oscars, George Webb’s, etc…
8) Drive past the fat women that is always on the pay phone, if your from Stallis you know what I mean
9) Attend high school football games with your school jacket even though your an unmarried 35 year old and get more pumped up then the kids who are actually playing
10) Fuck the establishment because your from Stallis and you don’t care what everyone else thinks
person 1) I''m bored what do you wanna do?

person 2) Well we can either cruise highway, or chill at Johnny V's

person 1)Your so Stallis
by stallisresident August 05, 2009

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