When one has nothing to say on the phone and makes stuff up. Usually when neither person wants to hang up and has nothing to say.
Mer: sooo...
Rox: yeah
Mer: totally
Rox: totally tubular
Mer: so tubular its almost cylindrical
Rox: hahaha
Mer: gah i hate stalling
Rox: hahaha me too
by Mertown September 10, 2007
Top Definition
the act of stalling like a car
"shuts off". A person who is slow and lagging; wasting time.
person 1 : Oh my god, quit stalling!
person 2 : Hold on.. (continues trying on different shoes)
person 1 : .....we are so late.
by shindee November 14, 2006
going into bathroom stalls, locking them, and climbing over them, leaving them locked from the inside.
"hey lets go stalling"
by aaabbbccc78 July 16, 2010
When a person is embarrassed by taking a dump in a public restroom and hides in the stall until everyone else leaves the bathroom.
Did you notice that Doug finished taking a nasty crap in the bathroom and was stalling until we left?

Ed kicked the outside of the stall door in a panic, "Jim, come out! I really got to poo! Everyone knows you just took a nasty one, why are you stalling?"
by EDDIEFM October 02, 2013
when you are walking and someone in front of you is walking at a slower pace, but you can't pass them. So you're stuck behind them almost walking backwards.
I was stuck walking behind a slow walker. I could not pass her, people were blocking my way. I couldn't move forward, I was stalling.
by stephantics November 09, 2011
a pretty awesome yet somehow strange way to put a refriarator into motion
whoa look at that stallings go!
by mrs. Stallings August 12, 2008
The act of masturbating in a stall. School stalling occurs during gym class or a study hall. Lunch is the most common time though. Stalling in an office setting can happen during a lunch break. It is disgusting to most people because of the public setting.
Me: Yo JO was in there again making ugh....ugh...ugh noises again.
Friend: He is masturbating again. We should give it a name:
Me STALLING!!!!! lol
by themaster123456789 May 23, 2010
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