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---stalker---To move threateningly or menacingly, To follow or observe
a silent ruse persistently, especially out of obsession or derangement, OBSESSED
---vagabond---a drifter, wanderer, wanders from place to place; nomad...
---hermit---A person who has withdrawn from society and lives a solitary existence;
a recluse, individual, displaced person...

trick ruses = = Stalkers, murderers, plagiarists,
Soulless People, ruses that are corrupted with garbage
corrupted knowledge, (that are corrupted with garbage
corrupted knowledge about God/Devil), that present
themselves as normal people, human beings under God/Devil

Trick ruses , stalkers, are menacing a
silent ruse ---->> vagabond hermit <<--- silent ruse...

--Stratovarius "Soul Mind of a Vagabond"
--Metallica "Welcome Home, Sanitarium"

---Hurricane Katrina displaced society to be vagabond hermits...
stalker vagabond hermit

stalker === trick ruses & &&&& & 11th Floor & &&&& & 13th Floor ! ! ! ! ! !
vagabond &&& &&& hermit === silent ruse <<<- - - that’s me , author blthrskt - - -

Stalkers, ( trick ruses & &&& & ruses), are menacing the silent ruse
and being a menace to other ruses at the same time . . . . . they are
ruses to each other and they don't even know it...

Stalkers, Trick Ruses , choose a vagabond, hermit ruse life for the silent ruse -----

they ran out the country + + + dropping off like flies + + + Inkubus Sukkubus

Trashy little trampy earth mind + + + trashy little trampy earth path

trashy little trampy (anything) + + + Inkubus Sukkubus + + + 06/06/06 six six six
by blthrskt December 01, 2009
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