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slang for
"do u get it?"
"get it?"
"did u get what i sed?"
Gangsta 1: I dont want to see your puss face here no more...catch my drift asshole???
Punk kid 1: yeah,
Gansta 2: now move your sorry white peice of shit butt outta my hood....
by blthrskt December 18, 2005
sucking one's own dick, self sucking, self-service blowjob
2 do this, u need a flexible spine or a large/long dick
My friend can suck his own dick!!! He's double jointed and has an enormous cock!!!I think it's called "autofellatio"!!!
by blthrskt October 23, 2005
-when u have been laying in bed or sleeping for a long time, and when u get up, your hair is a mess, out of place and needs to be washed/combed...
-messy hair
1: I got bedhead...look at me, im a mess...i need to comb my hair
by blthrskt October 26, 2005
Flat Leaver
-If you were hanging out with a friend and left to hang with "cooler" kids, you were a flat leaver
-If person A hangs out with person B & C, and then person A leaves to hang out with person D & E, then person A is a Flat Leaver...
Person A: ::playing video games with person B & C::
::Enter person D & E::
Person D & E: Hello person A, come hang out with us
::Person A leaves person B & C to hang out with person D & E::
Person B & C: You're a Flat Leaver person A...
by blthrskt September 06, 2005
meaning if an old friend or enemy is not around for you to see, then that just means that he is out of your mind, meaning you are not thinking about him/her/them...they are living their own life and you are living yours...
Person1: What ever happened to person3???
Person2: Who cares, fuck person3, out of sight out of mind!!!
by blthrskt January 25, 2006
When sumone jocks u so much (male or female) u just have to say, "Get Off My Dick!!!"

like get of my nut sack...
dont have an example, please feel free to write 1 in...
by blthrskt August 28, 2005
fist bump

when 2 or more people, friends, make a fist and bump each other
with their knuckles as a way of saying hello, what's up,
keep up the good work,

see bump me
fist bump
by blthrskt October 26, 2009

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