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trick ruses

++++ 11th Floor ++++, Stalkers, murderers, plagiarists,
Soulless People, ruses that are corrupted with garbage
corrupted knowledge, (that are corrupted with garbage
corrupted knowledge about God/Devil), that present
themselves as normal people, human beings under God/Devil

Their trashy little trampy earth minds are corrupted so BAD,
that they wish that they vindicated themselves a long time ago!!!----
Trick Ruses need to vindicate themselves from all the shams that they do!!
I, silent ruse, will wait!!!

Devil’s Thrown + + + Devil’s Thrown Hello + + + to shack up with + + + ruse

06/06/06 six six six + + + Ruse World + + + 11th Floor + + + Plagiarism

Inkubus Sukkubus + + + They ran out the country + + + + dropping off like flies

Trashy little trampy earth mind + + + trashy little trampy earth path

trashy little trampy (anything)
by blthrskt December 01, 2009
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