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when your a messy eater and leave food around your mouth.
*jordan has a crumb on his top lip*
phil: oi jordan's done a stacky
tyler: yeah i know, how embarrasing
by redheadedfreak May 10, 2010
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When a male's ball sac is sweaty it becomes sticky. Instead of saying "I have a sticky sac" he can simply say "I have a STACKY".
Hey dude, I have such a stacky after working out earlier.

I wouldn't give my boyfriend head, because he had such a stacky!
by F.H.L.H. May 01, 2010
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An adjective used to describe an over all sense of generosity. Stacky general describes a person or institution that has been kind or helpful frequently, and therefor describes an over arching vibe.
Yo, thanks for lending me a hat, you're always keeping it stacky
by Shword smith January 05, 2017
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