1. a term used in the computerized accounting system to denote a file of unapproved transactions which must be approved by a competent authority to effectuate the transactions.
2. (of transactions) to enter in a stack.
1. The stack is empty. All the stacked transactions have been approved.
2. The teller made an entry in the computer system, which got stacked. The head teller then approved the stacked entry.
by uttam maharjan July 10, 2011
A stack is an insult or an acknowledgement of an insult.
Man: You are pretty.
Woman: I still wouldn't go out with you.
Man's friend: Stack!
by flynigs April 04, 2011
a myth created by ecstasy dealers to get you to pay more for pills, by staing they're double or triple "stacked" they imply that there is more MDMA (ecstasy) in the pill. in reality, it means nothing.
guy: "hey, i got triple stacked blue dolphins"

me: "how much are they?"

guy:" thirty apiece, but they're triple stacks, man..."
by MollySurprise! November 07, 2008
Stack - Is another word for sleep with or have slept with a woman. To have sex with a fine chick is to stack her.
Check out that hottie, I'd love to stack that ass!

You know that chick from the party last night? I stacked the hell out of her in my truck.

I walked in Jacks room and he was stacking these two chicks like an animal.
by Fatbat6969 December 30, 2010
to fall over or crash badly resulting in great injury or damage
Stu: How did you break your legs?
Al: I was running down the stairs and i stacked it big time
by Wise Man July 15, 2003
10,000 dollars. 1,000 is "large" like on the sopranos.
"I've got over ten stacks for my man" -2fast2furious
by sloggy October 02, 2003
"Stacks" is a wanna-be gangster nickname given to metro-sexual men who's sexuality is in question. It should be used to replace this person's real name in all social situations. Also used to fill awkward moments of silence with humor.
"We need to start calling that dude Johnny Stacks, because I think he might be gay"

(awkward silence)..."Yo, I think Stacks is gay"
by Lokitricks May 27, 2010
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