a big wad of money usuall wrapped with a rubberband from either selling drugs or making profit off hoes
If its taking too long to lock up bring it back,
You was short anyway so bring a stack--young jeezy(boyz n da hood)"Dem Boyz"
by $$<a-town rep>$$ December 14, 2005
to be well built and very musuclar, comes from english public school boy rugby speak (jocks always talk shit, even over here!). can also be confined to unpper or lower bodies, eg u-bod stack, or l-bod stack, or in the case of a particularly large man f-bod stack.
dude, that guy's stacked!
f-bod stackage man
by michael mcdonald April 26, 2005
Drugs: a slang use for 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine (Ecstasy). May refer to the drug itself, under the influence, or the dosage of the pill.
Noun: Let's be flyin' down US-220 on these stacks I picked up!
Adjective: These pills are triple stacked.
Verb: We been fuckin' t'ill dawn all stacked up like mothafuckas!
by Ch1nk3yeD November 27, 2007
adj. Describing an object or event as extremely cool or desirable.
That chick is stack homey!

This party is stack yo!
by Hank Rearden January 04, 2008
To possess a lot of money or be extremely rich.
Niggaz be addin' and subtractin' just to figure out without a doubt that we stackin'.
by Nick D April 12, 2004
A person puts their hand on their neck leaving there elbow pointing out, then using the pointing elbow hits another person in the back yelling stack
you got stacked out the game
by Furz December 03, 2007
Intentionally used in place of the term "stat" when it is of the utmost importance that something be rushed.
"This house party is getting lame as balls. I need 3 handles of Ten High, a family circus activity book and Chrysler Lebaron full of high school girls, stack!"
by C. Krueger Ivy League October 01, 2004

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