ssj is a new kind of eliteness, how he is so elite, it is unknown, but truly, he is as elite as a old man crossing oveer the road.
ssj headshot everyone
by ssj February 04, 2003
Top Definition
super saiya-jin, an advanced level of power reachable only by members of the saiya-jin race or saiya-jin/human hybrids. it causes the person's hair to turn gold and stick up, the person's eyes to turn turquoise, and increases the person's fighting strength several times. it is usually the result of extreme anger. from dbz.
goku was the first to become a ssj.
by d-shadow January 16, 2004
"Super Saiyajin" from the anime Dragon Ball Z

the above is the original, japanese, name of the race in the show. After it came to the US and rest of the world, the racename was changed to: "Super Saiyan".
SSJ is therefor a reference to the original "Super Saiyajins".

It is used to describe different forms of the heroes of the show.
Goku is SSJ2, the second level of SSJ.
by Nivyan November 21, 2007
acronym for the term "spreadsheet jockey". Term used for an investor who judges the relative worth or attractiveness of an investment in a company (usually a startup) based solely on a spreadsheet model of financial metrics.
Don't take that guy's money, he's a SSJ and will drive your company into the ground.
by Sanjay_Parekh August 10, 2008
Super Saiyan

Damn good person on the boards
SSJ is awesome.
by SSJ September 25, 2003
a big hairy man gimp
A half man half yeti combo
by Adz innit February 04, 2003
ssj means goon
ur an ssj = ur an ultimate goon
by l4rz February 04, 2003
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